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Join one of our networks to help us win!

The Deakin Branch Committee has endosed three staff networks that independently advocate for academic (DAWN), casual (DCAN) and professional staff (DPSN). Learn more about the networks, and how you can get involved.

News from our networks

Members have been reporting that managers across the university are beginning to compel staff to return to campus beyond what is required for a given role or for spurious reasons.
Management isn't enaging with our WFH claims in current bargaining and professional staff report unsafe and unfair return-to-campus directions.
Read and sign our open letter demanding Deakin pay back casual staff their stolen wages. Even Columbaris had the decency to do that!
Wage theft of casual academic staff is rife at Australian universities. Rally Against Wage Theft on 30 November to help us end structural precarious employment and exploitation!
We are at a critical juncture of our wage theft dispute and we need your help.