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Deakin Casuals
Action Network

The Deakin Casuals Action Network (DCAN) was established in 2020 with the first official DCAN meeting held on Thurs 6 August 2020. 

The network fights for better working conditions and rights for casual and fixed term staff. We believe that casual staff deserve to be paid for every hour they work and legitimate pathways into secure employment. 

Our activities

Over the past two years we have:  

  • Demanded pay for the Queen’s Memorial Public holiday (a success!)  
  • Advocated for casual staff to maintain access to the library and IT services over short periods of inactive employment. Our open letter received over 400 signatures.  
  • Demanded accountability from the university regarding the appalling treatment of sessional staff over the pandemic  
  • Advocated for casual sick pay and pandemic leave  
  • Demanded the university to meet its legal obligations to provide pathways for ongoing, secure work  

As we go into bargaining in 2022, we need your help to advocate for better casual staff working conditions. To get involved, please register your interest at   

News and meetings

Read and sign our open letter demanding Deakin pay back casual staff their stolen wages. Even Columbaris had the decency to do that!
Wage theft of casual academic staff is rife at Australian universities. Rally Against Wage Theft on 30 November to help us end structural precarious employment and exploitation!
We are at a critical juncture of our wage theft dispute and we need your help.

There are no upcoming events at this time