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Deakin Academic Workers Network

The Deakin Academic Workers Network (DAWN) brings together academic staff from across Deakin to discuss workplace issues.

Specifically, the network aims to interrogate workload intensification and how to discuss how staff can assert their rights to a fair workload.

The network meets monthly.

Network objectives

To ensure the NTEU Deakin Branch can strike a deal with management in bargaining 2022-23 that addresses the specific needs for academic staff, DAWN seeks to:

  • identify the flaws in our present EA and how it is implemented
  • identify current breaches of our present EA as organising opportunities
  • work together to recruit non-members into the NTEU.

As we continue bargaining in 2023, we need your help to advocate for better academics working conditions. To get involved, please register your interest at 

News and meetings

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